Police Chase Man on Bike in Melrose


Click for video of police action in Melrose

Phoenix police searched the Carnation area of Melrose for about an hour Friday looking for a man who fled on a bike from them.

“He’s a known guy to us,” one officer told T.M.L., but didn’t say what the man was suspected of doing.

Another officer told T.M.L. that no robberies had occurred, but that “A guy ran from us.”

The K-9 Unit searched a vehicle in a driveway on 6th Avenue as officers stood by with guns drawn.

It was not known by 12:45 p.m. if they located their suspect who was described as a white male, wearing a black hoodie.

Officers asked anyone who sees someone matching the description to call 911.

T.M.L. chose not to use the officers’ names in this brief.

The bike officers said the man they chased was riding.
A bag with clothes in the front yard of a house police searched Friday.