Transcript of City Council Meeting (Mandatory Masks and fines)

* Click here to be taken to a page with independent recordings of the June 19 City Council Meeting in which the City of Phoenix passed an ordinance to require individuals to wear masks in public or face $250 fines. They are complete recordings of the meeting except for 3 gaps that occur due to limitations of digital technology. No gap lasted longer than 5 seconds. Part 1: Council and Staff Discussion Part 2: Council and Guest Speaker Comments Part 3: Council and Public Comments; Vote * * Below is raw and independent transcript of the meeting referenced above utilizing automatic audio transcription services. T.M.L. editor Brian Mori is in process of editing typographical errors – several due to limitations of the transcription service – and distinguishing the speakers as needed for clarity. Corrected information is indicated by parentheses ( ). A more clear transcript is in process. Hello, welcome to the June 19 2020 meeting of the Phoenix City Council, a discussion and consideration of city wide space covering policy. I will now call the meeting to order will the clerk please call the roll? Councilman (DiCicio) decease. (Present) Thank you, Councilman (Inaudible) Here. Councilman Nowakowski. (Inaudbile) Councilwoman Pastor. Here comes a woman Stoke. Here Councilman They’re (Inaudible) counted in the woman’s best (Inaudible) Thank you. Thank you to the Phoenix City Council for a journey for coming together today. We are meeting as Arizona is experiencing record numbers of cases of COVID-19. Yesterday we had more than 3000 new cases in the last 24 hours reported. Arizona continues to break records of the types we do not want to break. Also important this week, Governor Doug Ducey gave local governments the ability to require face coverings which has been reported as one of if not the most effective step we can take it an easy way to slow the spread of COVID-19. So we come together today to discuss a city wide face covering policy. Thank you for joining us for this (Important) discussion. I will turn it over to our assistant city attorney Julie crea to introduce the item. Thank you, Mayor. As you stated, We present to Council, a declaration for emergency declaration requiring face coverings. And also, as you stated, as everyone knows, the governor issued an executive order permitting cities to adopt policies regarding the wearing of face coverings and public to mitigate the spread of the virus. Phoenix city code section 11 dash three gives the city council power to make emergency regulations for the public health and safety during an emergency. declaration we provide that all persons age six and older shall be in possession of a face covering when they leave their home or place of residence. shall wear the face covering whenever they are within six feet of another person who is not a member of their family or household. A face covering is as described in the Arizona Department of Health Services guideline. Flexible face covering any simple cloth covering over the nose and mouth such as a bandana or scarf or homemade cloth covering. Exceptions within the declaration. First persons with within CDC guidelines who should not wear masks due to medical or mental health conditions developmental disability or condition covered by the ABA. Children under six years old. Persons with religious beliefs preventing wearing a face covering and restaurant patrons while they are dining. Fifth, exercising outdoors or while walking or exercising within others from the same house, maintaining six feet social distancing from others not in the same house. Participating an organized group or team sports exercise or other physical activities, and in settings where it’s not practical or feasible to wear a face covering, including rendering goods or services such as dental services or other medical treatments. Enforcement for the governor’s order requires any enforcement shall focus first on educating and working to mitigate the spread of the virus. The governor’s order requires an individual to be notified of the order and of the city declaration and requirements and given the opportunity to comply first. Usually, a penalty for violation of emergency order under our city codes and state statute is a misdemeanor. However, our city declaration is going to limit the penalty to a civil citation, after warnings and an opportunity for compliance The city declaration requires enforcement to focus first on education and an opportunity for compliance followed by a warning and then a civil citation only if necessary. The Civil citation fines are going to be capped at $250. So it’ll be zero to $250. Within the courts discretion, businesses have the right to refuse service for failure to comply if no exceptions are applicable. The declaration is effective at 6am on Saturday, June 20. And pardon me and public notice will be provided in English and Spanish. And here is a sample of a quick bulletin that the police have drawn up in order to distribute. With (that) mayor, we’ll turn it to the city council for your discussion and decision on site. In emergency order or any changes you would have, thank you. Wonderful, thank you. Thank you for the presentation and to the city council for convening today. Before we go to the individuals wishing to address the council, do any council members have comments? The Vice Mayor? Yeah, so I just had, I had some questions. So if you can just remind us again, I know you just said it. But just remind us again, what qualifies as a face mask. mayor and council, we refer in the declaration to the Arizona Department of Health guidelines. They provide instructions to make a cloth mask so it’s really any cloth covering the nose and mouth. So if I saw if I say and this is probably gonna happened a lot in the beginning. If I walked out of the house and I don’t have a face mask on can then someone just pull up their shirt and use it as a face mask. Marin counsel, Yes, that is correct, as long as they’re covering their nose and mouth area. Okay. And then my other. My other question is how is this going to be enforced? enforcement at this point would be by the police department, and if they were engaged, they would of course educate and ask for compliance first and offer morning. So is there a list of things that I’m like it, like is there are we gonna write out all the different steps that people need to go through before they receive I find members of the council. So chief Williams is here and we’ve been talking about this the last slide that we showed is a flyer that the chief staff along with communications put together that will be the first order of business for any police officer who’s called to do it. We actually do want to get the message though, for people to this is a this is for people to do themselves. I used the analogy of stop signs, we have 80,000 stop signs in the city of Phoenix. We do not have a police officer who sits at every stop sign where we where we depend on his people to comply with, in that case, stopping at a stop sign. If they don’t, and a police officer happens to be there. They’ll have that bill, they’ll have that engagement. But this we have 1.7 million people in Phoenix who were with the council’s order would say that they need to wear masks to keep themselves another safe. If it gets to the point where police have to be engaged which we hope doesn’t happen. Then the police have educational materials and the chief is issuing instructions about the need to Educate and see compliance before moving to a ticket. We want the ticket to be the absolute rarest of all possible exceptions, because we want the public to understand how serious it is. And then, okay, and then my other question is, you know, we’ve received, we received a letter from Target yesterday, you know, I’m hearing from, you know, from workers at the supermarkets as well. And I think I said this as well, when we were talking about enforcing masks on the buses, is that I just don’t want us to be in a situation where we’re asking employees to BB enforcers. I just want to make sure that we’re that we’re staying away from that, that we’re not putting workers in the situation of enforcing this in in any in any place. And I know that’s one of the one of the biggest concerns that we’re hearing from from the private and the public sector sector when it comes to different Print company. And when it comes to the workers, I just want to make sure that that’s not what we’re doing. Nice man, that is, that is correct. We are not expecting workers or employees to be the enforcement agents of this, where we are expecting individuals to take personal responsibility for themselves to comply. If they don’t, we’re hoping that peer pressure in the same way that we all stopped for stop signs, even when there’s no police officers around that peer pressure, we’ll have people comply with this order. But if it comes to it, it would ultimately be our police. Who would deal with that, but again, Chief Williams is being very clear with them. And the order is clear that when they lead with education, and then what are we doing about about signage? I think you’re right, stop signs everyone else let us stop Samus and now with this Are we going to be putting signing All over the place, or how was the summer working with with with, with the grocery stores or with any of the or the targets of the world places that people do come to? I’m a I’m a daily basis is Is there any way that we’re working with them? Or is there a way where we can work with them and helping them get signage? By span? Absolutely. We’ve we’ve seen our sister city and Tempe has done something where they put signage, drafts, signage, or prototype signage on their website. We can also do the same with in their business, and we will put that in both English fans and I think it’d be good and we had, you know, maybe like a couple of billboards where we were we faded this, I don’t know, maybe under light rail. That you know, it was a little difficult at the beginning, but then people as people saw the signage and heard the message out in the cities, it was it was a lot easier for people to comply. Whether it’s we can work on some of that and work on climate finance and work on this message and we get, do everything we can to get the message out there. I think it will be easier for people to comply. Thank you, Mayor. Thank you, Vice Mayor. It’s an excellent suggestion. We’ll go to Councilmember Waring followed by Councilwoman Pastor, followed by Councilmember Garcia, followed by Councilmember de CCL. Science mayor, I appreciate it. So I just had sort of a couple questions relating first to what we did, you know, less than 72 hours ago, we voted on a mandatory buses, mandatory policy for our buses that he mentioned it. But I mean, at the time, mandatory was the most expansive use of the term mandatory ever heard, because if you showed up to our bus without a mass, you still got on the bus. Nobody was gonna kick you off the bus. Nobody was going to find You or there wouldn’t be police interaction and so forth. You might, somebody might say something to you, but that was it. That was again, that was less than three days ago. And the thinking was, we don’t have enough officers to police everybody. We didn’t want to put the employees in the position of really like trying to enforce this, as has been addressed. Carlos brought up the excellent point that, you know, it could disproportionately impact communities, if there was some sort of fine system or something. Obviously, people who have to ride the bus have to ride the bus, that’s just the way it is that might be different than they might look at North vnh or the west side or something else. And so you’re going to have potentially disproportionate impact. So given that there was pretty much no enforcement mechanism, and nobody’s gonna stop you from doing the activity, riding the bus that you presumably shouldn’t be doing without the mask. It wasn’t really mandatory. I mean, it was really more like a statement of like what we like but it’s Don’t do it, nothing’s gonna happen. I don’t know what’s changed in in less than two hours. I know the numbers have gone up. But since we’re having that same conversation less than three days ago, I’m just curious. First, is our bus policy now obsolete? Because I assumed that if you go to the boss Three days later, with out your mask, and there’s an officer standing there, you aren’t gonna get fired? Correct? You’re certainly gonna get talked to, and I assume we’re not gonna let you on the bus could enter somebody answer that. Like, how would that change? player counseling wearing to your question? This emergency order is my understanding from the city attorney’s office would really supersede the previous one on buses because buses operate in the city of Phoenix and their public spaces. People will be required to comply with this order. From that perspective. I just want to emphasize this is not about getting enforcement and writing tickets this. This, because again, as you said, and as I noted with the stop sign example, we don’t have enough police officers to enforce every rule, we depend on our residents to take personal responsibility to comply with lawful orders. If they don’t, in this case, the direction is going to be to educate and then if it continues, then there is ultimately an educational ban and forcement component. But our focus is on that people should comply with a lawful order from the city council declared in an emergency. And if necessary, the police department will respond as they are able, and they have the tools beginning with education, which could ultimately lead to writing a ticket, but they certainly are not going to be standing by buses to write tickets. No, I understand and I appreciate that. It’s just the underlying sort of things that Carlos talked about that was voted on. I supported it just a couple days ago. are still are still true. We are now in the final component. I am curious. So if you’re out, I mean, unless you just forgot your mask and your purse or something just forgot to put it out, which could happen in some cases, and then somebody addresses it with a police officer dress it up with you. But you do have a chance to rectify the situation. In most cases, I assume your house and you don’t have a mask. There’s nothing you can do about it. Right that I think we said, I’m sure accurately and I don’t think it’s a shame. You know, three days ago we talked about, we couldn’t really even police our buses, which has thousands. But as you alluded to Phoenix not only has 1.7 million residents, but you also have all the people who live in Scottsdale or Glendale, who drive downtown to work and vice versa. So it’s really the metropolitan area for like four and a half million people could be contacted by our place. I mean, how does the person so now you’ve been contacted, you don’t have a mask and there’s really nothing you can do about it. Unless there’s a mask store, like right next door, you’re pretty much out of luck. So, like, are we keeping records of who’s been contacted? Because use the stop sign into analysis, which I hadn’t thought about, obviously, people still go rolling through stop signs, they lost upside. We don’t want them to sometimes it’s accidental. I left the thing in my purse would be bad analogy, I think. But there’s not, you know, there’s not a ton that a person can do to rectify this. So I thought about the, you know, our neighborhood services department, right? If If your weeds are too high, and the neighbor complains, we send you a letter, and I think the statistics they’ve given me is 92% of the people a lot of fine. It’s just like, Hey, could you take care of this? And I think they’ve always said 92% of people take care. Sometimes it takes a second. Before. You know, it’s only like to go to court, but we’re sort of skipping that stage of the process or we’re not addressing it effectively because presumably the officer or wherever, Joe, is the person done before, unless there’s something I’m missing? Is there a way to do something that’s not? Like right to the punishment stage, but keep but does keep a record so that we know otherwise, I’m not sure how education is going to be effective in this context. I hope my analogy was clear to you. Yes. Yes, Councilman. So the flyers that we showed which were developed by a police department overnight with communications, those flyers are the first line of contact. And then also, in the in the police had police had experience with other issues where they they have sort of this in between, as you described Councilman, they do what are called field interrogation cards or FBI cards, where they make a note that they contacted someone on a specific subject. It keeps a record for them. But it does not rise to the level of a warning or citation or any other piece of paper that people are given. So there are steps that police are familiar with on other issues that are in between zero and ticket. Absolutely. And the mayor, the chief has built in one with a flyer and then they have the second one with their si cards. So, so so there will be record keeping. But but the sales point the other day about kids, but you’re not getting a rep. Is that right? I mean, they are going to be writing this down and it’s going to be a record but it’s not like a criminal record where an employer would know about it or something like that. Does that fair? That’s fair. Okay. The chief is nodding me, yes. Okay. All right. So that is not a criminal record. It does not create a criminal, any sort of criminal history at all, but they will know if they contact you again, you know, we contacted you before now the odds of contacting any one person With a couple million people throw into the city and is that seems, you know, that’s going to take some effort, I would say, Can I ask what’s going to happen because we’ve all seen the videos, you know of bars or restaurants that are packed with people not wearing masks. So if I was a TV station, hearing this discussion, I’d probably go to one of those places have tons of video of tons of people not wearing masks. And I don’t think any of us are near illusions that every single person is gonna start wearing masks as of today, this resolution you know, what are we going to so somebody calls, how we go. I mean, shut the place down. Everybody gets a sigh. Just when I asked actually have chief Williams is here, he reached the outer limits of my knowledge of police enforcement, and so we’re going to go to the professional but really, you Similar to what the police worked out when it came to the original orders. The governor’s orders originally for closing things like gyms and bars but chief Williams and members of council council I’m wearing. What we did previously is we assigned a squad of community response squad folks to respond to those type of calls because the community response squad individuals are now managing the protests and day 25 or so. We’re going to assign the sorrows that we have available that aren’t in school for the moment to be that arm But to your point of 100 people not wearing a mask. I don’t have that kind of staffing to write it. 1000 citations as a city manager mentioned will lead with education will lead with flyers will ask for compliance. And then I will dictate in my message to the employees that if something is so egregious that I do want at minimum a lieutenant on scene To manage that, and to make sure that we’re notified. So we’re leaning heavily with education, because that’s the public safety is excuse me a public health issue. But that’s how we would manage that. And then also by name, to the city manager’s point also, of the field interrogation cards. If we have to make contact with an individual on a number of different times, we can quantify that by record in a building tradition card, or a pie report. Okay, thank you cheese. It is because those have been the videos that we’ve seen, right, if the bars it’s packed or whatever, does the owner of the establishment have any responsibility in this? I mean, cuz we’re not closing as Brett mentioned, Governor goosies orders, you know, I think from previous time when stuff didn’t get close, are we doing that here? Do we have the authority to do that? Or how does that work? Or do we know? Mayor members, the council Councilman Waring have a responsibility that business owners would have would be under the guidance in the governor’s orders, nothing in this action would change or impose any requirement on the building on the business owners to do anything so whatever they might have under the governor’s orders now is what they would still have under this. So that’s really outside are not discussed in this. And whatever is happening now is going to continue to happen if we won’t have enough forms or staffing to actually you know, obviously you’re also saying it’s that it’s that this was one establishment for that. It’s not like there’s only one central location there. There could be several, you get calls on several and there’s really not much we can do about it. Which which is disappointing. I mean most of the people that I see when I go on my walk, you know, we I see people wearing masks, you know obviously have to go to the grocery store. We got health issue in my family something a lot of times pharmacies. It’s just it’s their most people are complying. As far as I can tell. You know, I understand the need for the mask, I wear my mask, but as far from the anti mask as you could get, but I do feel like we’re sending mixed messages because I pick up my sports page yesterday. And I hear that college and pro football players are going back to practice in a couple weeks. Now, I vividly remember playing football and there was a lot of human contact. Nobody was wearing a mask and other change the rules but but you still got people piling on top of each other. And so the university systems and the professional leagues are saying we’re going to be good, but we’re telling the general public they have to wear a mask. We’re going to have Major League Baseball potentially, in Phoenix. It looks like there’s a carve out for that but obviously Just using a baseball example catchers pitcher or catchers hitters and up hires are definitely not six feet apart. So that was a curiosity to me to see that in here It definitely I can see sending the public and mixed message to say the least. And so am i right that we are not requiring the professional leagues. I mean, I guess their football is played in other cities, but now I have to address it. But the baseball How is that going to be handled? It looks like there’s a carve outs but I kind of wanted to wonder because somebody’s going to ask me Mayor members the council Yes, there is an exemption for organized group or team sports that was not necessarily directed at professional sports, but allow. The idea was that the professional teams or high school or college teams, people running those events would be required and would be implementing reasonable safety. measures for those activities to continue to prevent the spread of the virus. I just you know, where you are telling people if you go to Fry’s or wherever, the single anybody out, you have to wear a mask or to criminally cite you. But they’re going to try their television and see games being played sans max. I mean, can you see how that that might seem a little strange? I do appreciate. You know, most people I see when I’m out on a walk my neighborhood, we all abide by the nobody gets close to anybody. But most people don’t wear a mask, either. Every guidance that I’ve seen since you’re outside, you’re saying apart, you know, that’s fine. I get the indoor thing. That’s a different thing. I did notice that it talked about businesses and I don’t have the text in front of me. I’m trying to read a couple different things. The businesses now have the ability to say if you’re not wearing a mask, you can’t come in, but I would swear I’ve seen signs different bits. I haven’t been very many places, frankly, but has been a tired way of going life. So I swear I’ve seen signs saying if you’re not wearing a mask, we don’t want you in here. There was a law. So I had to deal with they made that very clear that, you know, you got to wear a mask and come in. Aren’t they already able to do that? private business? mayor, members of council Council, yes, this is improper legal reason, like discrimination, right, allowed to decide who to allow to serve. And so the ordinance just simply clarified, that was included to clarify that there’s no responsibility on the business to enforce it. And but to clarify that they would have under this declaration, the right to refuse service to individuals who weren’t wearing a mask if they chose to do so. Right. Presumably could call the police I guess the column if somebody refused to wear a map to be removed, is that a fair statement? The council cutaway, yes, that would be the way that would operate. Okay, but we’re not gonna have enough officers respond to every call. So that’s that’s unlikely, but still. All right. Well, thank you. I didn’t mean I mean, I’m sure this is well intentioned and everything, but there are some gaps. And what I saw is the logic given what we just did no less than three days ago. The way we’re talking about sports and so forth, and I pro sports definitely want us to utilize facilities and I understood that that was not necessarily wanted the professional sports games, but also at group activities. But what sort of curiosity how some of this was addressed. And I think, I don’t know how effective it’s going to be because I do think people are aware that there’s a lot of information than wearing a mask. There’s also some countervailing information. I personally poured into the mask concept, a little bit helps. But you know, I just I don’t know if this is going to accomplish what we intended to accomplish. And the downsides that were addressed a couple days ago in our conversation are still practical. If you can’t afford masks, and we got a lot of people unemployed and so forth. You can cite people as much as you want, they still have to go about their business and they still have to go to the grocery store themselves, take the bus to work, they’re working. You know, we don’t have enough money to hand out man we discussed and we didn’t have enough money to do it. On the buses, we’re certainly gonna have to be able to do it for a couple million people in Phoenix per day. So I hope people don’t get treated unfairly if we perform the best, and I appreciate your time on the line. Councilman wearing just one point to the the issue of people who can’t afford mass. That is why this crea references the Arizona State Department health guidelines because they actually Have guidelines where you could just take a T shirt and tie it around your face like a bandana. And and so you do not have to have something that’s actually specifically sewn as a mask. You could have a bandana, you could have a T shirt, a strip of cloth, anything that would that basically anyone could have. Because that question you raise and it is a very important question. We have partnered at the city with circles and city to provide math for people experiencing homelessness. Earlier this week, we spoke about distributing math at our transit centers. For $3, I was able to obtain a census mask and I those will be available in the community as well. So we certainly will not be providing 1.7 million masks but we will try to provide math to those who may struggle the most to get them and those who are among the most vulnerable. Kelton wearing brought up several important points. I Want to reiterate a point that came up during his discussion, there will be no criminalization as a result of this policy because of how we’ve designed it. So we had the opportunity to make failing to wear a mask a misdemeanor. And this policy has chosen not to so no criminalization around it. The goal here is public health. The goal is to send the strongest possible message to our community that COVID-19 is increasing, and then we all have a personal responsibility to fight COVID-19 as well as the ability to do so. So very important discussion that we are having today and we are going to need our residents to lead the way on this policy for us to slow COVID-19 our office received a very important letter from the hospital association telling us that risk of transmission can go down to 3% when people are wearing masks, so it is a tool that you can take in your own hands to save lives and slow the spread of COVID-19 I will now turn to a couple of minutes left door. So I really appreciate the dialogue and it is truly is a public health. And each one of us has a responsibility as a collective to take responsibility with our public health and others around us. What I have to say is constantly worried I enjoyed the dialogue that we’re having, because it’s 72 hours what happened is that the governor has given the cities the authority to make this to require mask to make this and has now put it in the local government and cities to make this decision. In addition to that, two days ago, Tuesday, June 16, to today, we have 7500 cases, new cases and 93 debt. So I think, you know, as we have been watching, we are on the rise, and we’re going to continue to rise and if we don’t really look at what we can do to prevent the spread, and really to protect our communities, as our public health is taking to its latest to its highest level, we have to step in and at least try to stop COVID-19. And I would say that’s what’s been happening in the last 72 hours. I also want to go to the right of refusal. Julie, the right of refusal at business has the ability to refuse somebody’s service, if they are not wearing a mask. And that’s up to the business. Man council that is correct. Okay. So it will Take the responsibility of businesses that are willing and wanting to take that they can take that and not be it not be looked upon in a bad light. Because I think they’re also taking responsibility because we also don’t want to go into another shutdown. We want to keep our economy healthy. We need to do everything that we can to prevent this. Now, I want to go back to something fun. I don’t know if it’d be fun or not. But as you can see, I’m all layered up. So when we talk about guidelines and mass, I have a scarf right here and I double layered scarf and I can go like this. Okay, no layer myself off. I have a T shirt that I cut, and I can go like this. And as you can see, it’s for pride. Um, let me take this off. I Mass that somebody made me and I can go like this and use and then I have a mass that I can buy at the store for $1 50 and go like this. And if I watch, I can use my shirt but it up and I can go like this, the men’s shirt, but I can use it as a mask. So there are many different ways that we can use or find something to use a mask. Now, what I hope that is in everybody’s home, but it may not be. I have a dish towel that I dry my dishes with. And I can go like this and use that as a map. So there’s many different ways that we can find material to create a mask for public health. And what I want to say is I know that I lose everything. So I have these types of masks in my car, I have one in my purse, I try to have one in the bag that I carry with all the kids. So, as mothers, I would say we’re always thinking and preparing to make sure we have what’s needed to protect our family. And I think that’s important that we can stop the spread. And and and be able to be creative even with our own family on how we make maps. So really appreciate the dialogue and conversation. Thank you. Thank you Council and pet store that was impressive. I think at the moment council pet stores the the MVP of council members during the meeting that was very cool to show how we can do that. Councilmember Garcia follow about Councilmember decease, you Thank you, man. So I have some questions for for chief Williams and then and then some back to the rest of us. Cheese. How have we enforced? The curfew or the restaurant and bar closures? How has that gone? Is there any examples of us having to use enforcement for those Councilmember Garcia in Brussels, not we have not been in forcing the curfew piece. So much like this mass order. It will be upon compliance. We would go in we would lead with education, but we have not been enforcing the public order. If memory serves you correctly on May 31. Our order expired so we weren’t tracking Previous to that. The number of public gathering calls that we have, but we have not been enforcing the curfew in the restaurant piece. Okay, great. Would you consider not for sir, someone to either educate them or give them a warning a lawful stop? Or at the time. So Councilmember Garcia, members of council, I think you’re asking me, is the fourth one to drive around in cars and look for people that have? No. So in the moment that an officer is either warning or educating someone, is there moment, is the person detained? Or is this considered a lawful stop? So, lawful contact if someone calls us in on a complaint, but again, we’re not going to be proactive in this to the mayor’s point to the city manager’s point to the legal point. This is an education case for public health, as you’re aware, are we into the 56 or 700 calls for service per day? So this would be one more piece of the equation for our employees but we would lead again with education and it would be upon complaint. Okay. Still want would want to clear action that say someone how would you see it play out? I ran into someone I saw them without a mask. I called an officer, the officer If the officer was warning or educating someone, would you consider that like a detention or a lawful stop? And the reason I’m asking and I’m not trying to get you is that there is immigration consequences when it comes to lawful stops, and we had this conversation in our meeting previously in our public safety subcommittee. One, I just want to be clear, I do not want someone status to be asked, or someone to end. You know, looking through their warrant or whatever the situation, I don’t want it to escalate to something else. And so that’s why I’m asking. So Councilmember Garcia, members of council, quite frankly, this is putting law enforcement in a challenging situation. So I don’t want it to lead to an end I saw when I was told one of us that is not what we are going to be doing. We’re going to hand folks a fire and pretty much turn around and walk away. In egregious circumstances in cases if for some reason, it turns into a contact that we have to issue a citation. I will have to mandate a supervisor be present to do so. So it is my preference. And I will definitely messages to my employees that the flyer and the flyer is up on the screen, Julie. But we have a fire propeller that talks about wearing a mask who should wear it. Give them the flyer, turn around and walk away. Okay. And then you talked about writing things down. I know previously in the we’ve had conversations about jaywalking, and folks in the medium. And one of the issues we have is that our systems are currently unable any warnings. Is that the case and with this, we’ll be using a different system to track these warnings. That you know what I’m talking about. So, if you’re talking about the f5, stop tracking, is that your question? Is it going to be on a different system? Yeah. And so I know for a fact the department In jaywalking, or in situations of people being in the medium, we did not have the ability to track warnings. Therefore we were being asked to think about shifting the policy to arrest without warning. In this situation, would we be able to come up with another system? Could we use COVID number dollars for this to make sure that we can actually try warnings? So Councilmember Garcia, members of council, so we are because we want to recover costs. Also for this because this is COVID related. It is going to allow us the ability to track the number of files that we issue, as well as track the number of cars that come into our crime stop at these type of calls as well. Okay. And back to Ed. Thank you, Chief. How much GPS Do we have available and in specific Is there an idea of how many maps we have available at the city? The last I heard from our Chief Financial Officer, I see the 200,000 or 400,000 that we had on hand earlier this week or last week, I think was 400,000. We have distributed those we distributed to the transit system. We have to have them for our own employees first, to keep them protected. But we do have some PvP on hand and we continue to seek that those supplies. So but we don’t know how much or if we need more, I think we’re always seeking or we believe we have enough PV for four to five weeks of Well, I know we have a five to six weeks supply of the end 95 masks for our first responders and worse They need that extra level of and 95 protection. Largely our fire and police officers who are dealing with critical incidents, or someone may be known to be infected. The mask, the paper mask, as Councilwoman Pastor demonstrated, we have a couple hundred thousand of those on hand. Those are first and foremost for our own employees with as they’re working for protection. We were able to make some available to the transit system in order to have some to give out to transit riders. And we still have money that we have not assigned, right we still have money left over from the initial cares our counselor and that counselor that is correct. We do have money, even as money that we have assigned to PP has not all been expended. And so we are our chief financial officer and her staff are continually placing orders and looking for more pp. So the money aspect of it is not our issue as much as it is supply and logistics of getting it here. But we do have the ability to continue to order large quantities of simple mass coverings. Thank you, Mayor and the rest of the Council. I just think this is something that we’ve talked about enforcement. This is something that’s not we’re not going to get everyone to wear masks simply by scaring on what the $250 fine. I think this is definitely a culture shift. I would want us to move some of that unallocated money format that we can make available to the public, as many as we can. And I also know that schools are coming into or thinking about some of them at different times. They’re coming into starting their school years. And one of the things I want to suggest is that we use some of that money to also support schools in granting them pp. Both for the students, the parents and the teachers. And with that other words, the first suggestion I made, I think we work with organizations, senior centers, even our officers to make sure that they have a good amount of mass that they can hand out when these conversations or these warnings or education moments are happening. And so I know that supply is a problem. And everybody in the world’s trying to buy mass. I want I’m wondering, have we thought about this before? Or is this something that we have to do now to both support the schools and reopening, and community in the public at large? Councilmember, thank you and I think you’re on on onto something there. I just spoke yesterday with the county manager and actually, Maricopa County Department of Public Health is doing some outreach to schools with what they’re calling PP starter kits for schools. So I know Maricopa County Public Health Department is that so If the council were to, or to want to spend some of our already allocated Coronavirus, really fun money that we have for BP, or for our public health efforts to getting a supply to be able to hand those or make those available, that is absolutely something we can pursue. I don’t know how quickly we can get the supply. But to your point, if it’s if that’s the goal, we will have the chief financial officer will continue to acquire that and we will make those available upon direction of the Council. Would that be needed to be added to this ordinance motion? Is that something we’d have to do separately? Well, how would that happen? council I think we have money. To your point. I think we have the money already allocated in the PvP category and also in the community health category, which is not fully extended. And so we can use that when we come to speak with a counsel on Tuesday, when our regular Coronavirus item, we can also give you more information. But I don’t believe that we require the council to take a specific action on that today, because we have already acted to create those categories in the PP and in the community health areas that we can direct those funds towards that effort. Thank you. Thank you. Councilmember defazio. Thank you, Mayor. Thank you for having the meeting today. This is directed to Chief Williams. And so Chief, I appreciate the fact that you’re answering things directly on that. So to talk number Garcia’s point. This is no different than a traffic ticket. Correct. So Councilmember Garcia, members of council, it’ll be a bit more like a parking ticket rather than a traffic ticket. Well It’s still a civil violation, but it still fits in that category. So as a traffic ticket or a civil violation, we are still as a city required to follow sb 1070. Correct. Accounts member the CCL for civil violations aren’t bound by the same rules as we are with the other citation. So I think what you’re talking about a traffic ticket requires you by state law to have a driver’s license in order to operate the vehicle. You walking around without a mask isn’t the same as operating a motor vehicle. But it still fits into the C category does it not under the civil violations that were required to do? Canton number two cc will be a violation of the city order versus a title 28 violation, which is different that’s a state violation. Okay, so we have that As a police department, we have a duty to report correct. duty to follow the law and to report cast member to CCR and members of council. We do have a duty to report However, if in the conversation we mentioned to you earlier, this would be upon complaint. This is a Phoenix police officers roaming around the city looking for people who are not wearing the proper pp. This will be upon complaint. And you will get complaints because the thing is they heavily divided issue. And so, if Councilman Waring’s points to you were to make this just a mandate, without the police action, you would get unanimous support today. I’d be supportive of that. But when you involve the police actions of what you say you’d like to do, but you still have to follow the rules. You still have to follow the laws. And there will be individuals that they’re just not going to do it. How’s that To work, Councilmember Garcia that is the difficult challenge for us in these times is put in law enforcement in this position, which is why we mentioned instead over and over again, that we’re going to lead with education much like we did previously, when the previous order was mentioned, we never issued a citation we came pretty close to issuing one. But we never did issue one and I’m hopeful that the public will comply and that we won’t have those issues as I previously mentioned to is placing the finance department in an in a precarious situation. But I will properly message to my employees will have a supervisor respond in the event that gets a greatest and try everything possible to de escalate and lead with education. And I appreciate that, but at the end of the day, after you’ve given them, you know the rules or to give the individual the warning or at the education, press is still gonna probably say no at some point. You’re gonna You’re gonna run into that, then you’re gonna give them a warning, and they’re still gonna say no. Then you have to make a decision. What do you do there? And it’s similar to what happened in Philadelphia, where the police department drag that guy off at that training. So I mean, if we were to, again, flooring this on the other council members, we can always step up the police involvement part of this, if we feel that we’re not getting any type of compliance. But to start off right off the bat with a police action, I think it’s problematic for me considerably. So if you then go to the record part. So, a civil violation, still stays our record correct. We have a record at that point. So cantonment distinct if we complete a record ortho interrogation car Yes, that is going to be part of someone’s record. It won’t be a criminal record necessarily, but it will be on record that you maintained or made contact with you. And it will be in the system, right. That’s the first stage. The second stage is then let’s say there’s a ticket issued, that will also be on the individual’s record. Correct. Councilmember Garcia, excuse me, the CEO and other members of council could be on their record issued a citation. But I’m, maybe I’m overly optimistic. I’m optimistic that we won’t even get to that point that we’re still handing out documentation to individuals. And if you have to complete the SI card, so be it. I’m just hopeful that it doesn’t get to that. Well, I am too and I would hope that we don’t but we have 1.7 million people in the city of Phoenix. There’s likely going to be one person not happy with this. So that’s why keep going back to using the police after sticking them in the middle of this fight. This debate You’re going to have and I’ve seen it on next door already, where individuals are already trying to shave others. I’ve never seen a society where we’ve all gotten into the whole shaming thing. So you’ve got people that are very divided right now and this is a really bad time to be using our police department for this a really bad time. I think you’re right in the middle of this and it should not be if we were to make GAP DUE TO TECHNOLOGY ERRROR Love a vaccine get close to 70% of the population vaccinated. That wouldn’t happen for at least 18 months. The other is for this to create some type of herd immunity, not people get it. And then it creates an image is basically a bubble around individual. The third way is for this virus just to disappear. And under all these circumstances, we are going to be living with this virus for a very long time. We have to learn how to manage it. Where is there a timeline? How long are we going to have to do this? Does anyone have an answer for that? Yes, Councilman, assistant city attorney Julie Cree Marin Council. This is a declaration under the local emergency so when the council takes an action to revoke their local emergency, then this would also address Adequate paper about male members the Council also. Also the council could take action sooner to that to route to repeal this particular declaration if they chose to sooner if the circumstances no longer wanted it before the emergency was actually ended. We could literally go a year or more it could even go two years at that point. Until the virus goes away. We will always be in a state of emergency, always, as a city as a state as a country, actually. We’re going to be having to figure out how to deal with this for a very long time lockdowns, all it does is delay and all it takes is one person one out of 1.7 million people to start the reinfection occurring again. So it’s going to happen we’re going to have to deal with this as a society and figure it out. We can’t constantly be in shutdown mode in fear mode. It’s good to be conscious. But we should not be in fear mode to where everything that we do is geared toward that going to happen. So people need to be responsible. wearing the mask is the first level of responsibility. And again, you’ve heard me twice say this today. The mandate part is the part that’s going to be the police action is the part that concerns me the most. We’ve already got a police department that’s under fire shouldn’t be there do an amazing job. But we’re sticking them in the middle of being the mask police. And regardless of what’s said here, it’s the law that matters. The law is very clear as to what we can and cannot do. Thank you. This is about public health and education. We need masks to be open. masks and other non pharmaceutical interventions have proven very effective at slow The spread of the virus. The virus will be with us likely even after there is a vaccine but this is also about making sure that our public hospital and health system has the ability to respond. Our public health officials have told us that we are on a collision course by July 4 if we do not do anything differently. Our Phoenix Police Department responded and enforced the stay at home order in a very responsible way. It is deeply irresponsible for our elected officials to create an insight controversy. Councilwoman Williams come, Councilwoman Williams, you’re on mute. We can hear you. Oh, I hit the wrong button. Sorry. When a police officer confront someone without a mask? And the person says, I’m one of those listed as an exception. Do they just take their word for? And Williams, members of counsel absolutely take their word for it. Again, back to the point of leading with education, we’re not going to ask someone for the medical status or other things. We’re just going to take it at face value. Okay. That’s I think that’s very important for people to understand, because I know people have contacted me very concerned because they have a health problem. And they’re very worried about being arrested. Now. I know they’re not going to be arrested, but I just was very curious and very comfortable and telling them they will take your word. So thank you very much. Councilwoman, Pastor, man, Okay, I’m ready to go. You know, Councilman disis you’re brought up the Philly incident. And he what it did, it reminded me of what I saw on his chief of staff on Twitter. And it stated that, on his Twitter, he said that I was stating that my goal was to create that incident for mass transit and not save any. And I just find that inappropriate, serving fun of a public health issue and turn it into a dynamic with the police, Mr. dictators in history. And I don’t I don’t appreciate the sarcasm. And so I just want to put that on the record because that’s not what we’re doing. And that’s not what I am doing. So, Council, Councilman Pastore members of council Absolutely. That’s not what we want to be honest. SPD has been watching what’s going on across the country. And having reached out to Commissioner outlaw personally to talk through that scenario and situation. We will not have to SPD do the same thing. And I’ve talked to the executive team, our command team, and we will make sure that we message that to our employees. And in fairness to SEPTA in Philadelphia, they have changed their policy since that happened and it would not happen again today. Councilman Waring so just going back to something that was said earlier, that I was still slightly confused about and also to mention something I think was peltzman Gus Garcia, I certainly would be supportive of using COVID money that we have to purchase masks for people that I know there’s already some of that going on in private sector and so forth, but certainly I I’m not disputing the master beneficial. Some people have different views. Obviously that’s a personal choice comes in But but certainly any tool in the toolbox. And I think that would be an effective use of that money. So I’d be supportive of that if that’s something that would move forward today or some other time. But I was I didn’t want to go back to just a couple comments about the police interactions. I had received a an email and text from the head of the sergeants and lieutenants Association. They, they respectfully ask, I assume they’re okay with me talking about this now because they sent it out public record. I assume they also send it to other members of the council, not just me. You know, they asked not to be I think just sort of Sal’s point. I don’t think he mentioned this specifically, but this particular document they asked not to be put in the situation because they’re overstaffed. Again, it was echoing sales words, but but, you know, I got it from an official source saying basically the same thing. You know, that’s certainly something to be taken into consideration in these times when they are spread, Stan tried to force different things that wouldn’t have been thought of a month or so ago. But in terms of the record, so everybody’s been I’ve had a couple of traffic tickets not certainly since I’ve been on the council, but but I’ve had it, you know, you see the officer behind you, and it’s just, it’s awkward, I get that it’s not my case. You know, it’s not like a criminal major thing, but your insurance finds out about it, you know, you gotta go to traffic school parking ticket less so but everybody’s like, they see the person writing out the ticket that happened. He wants to know, like, you know, but it is a little bit with the uniforms and everything, even if you know, you’re not doing anything wrong. It’s a little bit of it can be a little intimidating to have an officer approach you for any reason. It just, it just is the most law abiding citizen in the world and it just is. So going back to the record issue. So I thought I had clarification but then I got confused and that made simply because of my fault. So the police see somebody, not work. A mask where we feel they should be wearing a mask. They don’t claim an exception. And the officer contacts a person. And they hand out the warning card, I guess. So then they write down that person’s name. And the chief said something that was a little curious to me. I think response to consummate Garcia, I think it was about warrants and stuff, because I’ve been on ride alongs, right. And you go because somebody’s playing music too loud. And I see an app. And then next thing, you know, they’re like, Hey, what’s your name? And they run it through the system and a bunch of words pop up. And next thing, you know, it’s somebody getting arrested. I’ve seen it happen. I’m sure it happens probably all the time. So my question is, if they’re entering the name in some system, so that if the person gets contacted again about not wearing a mask, when you’re entering that the system to Sal’s point, I would stay you take a glance and go, Oh, they got five warrants. Is that not gonna happen? Because honestly If you contacted the person for a legal reason, you know, they could be dangerous to others, or what have you or certainly to the officer himself. I mean, for me, I’m definitely looking, are we saying officers are prohibited from looking at that circumstance? Or to Councilman Garcia’s point? Are they definitely going to look and then if you get booked for something have nothing to do with masks? I guess I’m asking you know, which is so Councilmember wearing and members of council, civil citations don’t appear on anyone’s record. So in the event, and we go back to upon complaint, I think there’s this presumption that Phoenix PD is going to walk around and just start issuing tickets and citations to people just on the fly and that’s not going to happen. So upon complaint, we make contact with the individual. Give them the information, but again, the civil citations and parking tickets and those kind of things for our legal unit doesn’t appear on anyone’s record. Now. If we do cite someone, they give us our name. They Give them give us their name and when they when they have a warrant, that could lead to an arrest. So, in those instances and circumstances will show us what we need to see. And I’m hopeful that that might improve professional but again, we want to lead with education and not leave with some forcement. Like ignorance, because I’m not an officer, but but how are you? So I get that if you get cited for this, and it’s a civil complaint that doesn’t go on your record. But when you have the name in front of you, and you’re standing there with the person, you are going to enter them into some data system. Maybe I misunderstand, is it a separate data system so you wouldn’t see the Warrens and I, I almost think maybe I’m speaking out of her because I’m not an officer. But, but if I’m walking up to someone who’s not wearing a mask, I kind of get a lot of No, once I’ve got the name like, what am I actually dealing with here? Is this person dangerous? You know, whenever I’ve seen stops again, I’m right alongside, okay, it’s a few right locks. I’m not an expert by any stretch, not claiming that in any way. But I mean, in my experience they’ve run into, I mean, I’ve crafted stuff or whatever. So I assume it’s the same system. And if you are going to be entering the name to keep a record for the next time on the map, I just I don’t know how he wouldn’t know that they have warrants and frankly, why you wouldn’t want to know, just just to be safe, like you would on a traffic stop. But but maybe I’ve got things out of order or something. And so I’m open to clarification. Councilmember Wang members of council you you’re providing scenarios and situations that could happen. But again, I’m just going to fall back On this as a public health issue, I’ve mentioned previously, that this is definitely putting people in a precarious scenario and situation. were related with education. There may be times when we stop people that they have warrants that we’re going to have to deal with the criminality piece of that. I’m just hopeful that the public complies. Okay, Mayor, I would just like to echo a point was made sort of echoed by myself when I, when I first started talking, first time, you know, three days ago, and I understand completely what Councilman Councilman Pastore was saying about the situation has gotten worse, certainly the last couple days. Absolutely. I understand the numbers are what the numbers are. But days ago, we were having roughly the same discussion about things are getting worse, it could get worse by July 4, you know, still and so forth. We could have another shutdown or the state could or whatever. So it’s not it hasn’t changed that radically in a couple of days and a couple days ago. More to that sales point. You know, we We’re okay with the bus’s salad I voted for and I think everybody would if it was nine to nothing. We’re still gonna let people on the buses. Somebody is gonna say, Hey, we really need you to wear a mask. But the police weren’t involved. I think the chief just used the word. I think it was precarious. So if I’m wrong about the use of that word, you know, I think I have it right in front of me. But what the sergeant lieutenants Association wrote me was, you know, would we rather not be put in a situation where we’re stretched thin already with all the other stuff going on? I just don’t know that it’s changed so much that we couldn’t do a mandatory policy without the police involvement. Today, the police involvement does give one some pause for thought I think sounds like you know, for several members of the council, or maybe it’s a couple of us, but it is the chief point out that, okay, we don’t want these situations to happen. But to Sal’s point, you know, with with 1.7 billion people or to my larger point, it’s not just the 1.7. It’s the people flying here from other states who aren’t going to know we’re driving around our streets because we still have some tourism. We still have some people coming here for business, we’re still gonna have some people driving in from Scottsdale, maybe they’ll have a policy of their own. So they’re used to doing those. But that’s a lot of volatility. At some point, something will, there will be a contact that I described. And, and that could go wrong and a lot of ways and, like any stop, I’m sure, but it just, it just shouldn’t be taken lightly. And the $250 fine. that’s a that’s a decent sized fine. I don’t know what the analogy was. I had a traffic ticket. But But you know, that’s a I think that’s a decent sized traffic ticket. I would be supportive of the masks us giving out as many masks as we can, you know afford with the federal government. We wouldn’t be able to distribute 1.7 billion and a lot of people. I’ll buy my own masks, but I reckon dizer people were really hurting now, even more than perhaps before. And so we need to get masks out there and the extent we can, I don’t know if we could put them on our buses or you know how that would work, but it’s certainly something to consider. And any private sector help that we could get would be fantastic as well. But, you know, if people were willing to talk a little bit more about the police and enforcement component of this, because I just have some concerns where that is evolved for reasons I’ve stayed. Thank you, Mayor for hearing me out. I appreciate it. Thank you, Councilman Waring and I would point out that Scottsdale will have a policy before we do so the residents of Scottsdale will be familiar. We do have some expertise on the phone to let us know how serious the situation is. So I will begin with an MRI. Follow Medina and Merida The floor is yours and we will unmute your microphone. Thank you, Mayor and members of the council and with the Arizona hospital and Healthcare Association. At a member organization across Arizona, and we have been frontline on this COVID response, and as you all know, case rates continue to rise at an alarming alarming rate. We have 46,000 cases in Arizona 25,000 in Maricopa County today, we have the highest number of inpatient hospitalizations 1800 reported today, I see you use is around 80%. Statewide, and case rates have risen from 6% to 18%, indicating widespread community spread of COVID-19. What we need is effective public health enforcement of what we know works and I’ve submitted a letter from the Arizona Hospital Health Care Association citing two really important studies. Wearing a face masks and public is the most effective means to prevent inter human transmission. This in conjunction with social distance quarantine and contact tracing. The healthcare community in Arizona is united in this stance that mandatory mass wearing is essential. We sent a letter to the governor, I believe you have a copy of that for the record as well, that reflects just how broad based the support and this recommendation is. Hospital capacity is a limited resource and we want to make sure we have enough capacity for all patients who need acute care services emergency and we want to make sure we can provide that care so we need to preserve that and in order to preserve that we need the public’s help to stop the spread the virus it does not just disappear. The virus disappears with evidence based actions like mask wearing that prevents the spread. So this is what the healthcare community of Arizona is asking and requesting of the council today. We are trying to create a culture of safety And are in Phoenix and in Arizona. But as we all know, safety and accountability are not just suggestions, we have speed limits. And speed limits are not a suggestion. There’s an enforcement action if you violate that because you risk your own health and safety and those of others if you violate it, mask wearing similarly is exactly the same. So we need that culture but the business community is forcing this on promoting this with the bass campaign. But we need a city governments help in enforcing this. We can’t do this alone. And we need people to be held accountable for that. Thank you. Thank you so much for your testimony. We will go next to Natalie strand followed by Christie a. No I’m sorry by Sherry Slocum Natalie strand. Hello, I am Natalie strand. Thank you, mayor and city council for allowing me to speak today. Just to briefly introduce myself. I am a physician here I have a degree in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Arizona Honors College. I have my medical degree from Mayo Clinic School of Medicine. I am on staff at Mayo Clinic but the views I’m expressing today are my own. I strongly support the mandate for mask wearing. Just since June 1, there have been three really important medical and scientific studies that have been published, very influential, the first by international medical journal, the Lancet, which reviewed over 170 studies from around the globe for effectiveness effectiveness to slow the spread of COVID-19. That study found that widespread facemask wearing was very effective and could slow the spread of the virus by 50% or greater. On the 10th of June, a study performed at Cambridge University was published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society scientific journal. It also found dramatic effectiveness of face masks. is slowing the spread of the virus. They concluded it could be effective enough to prevent the need for another shutdown. Just one day later on June 11, a study published by the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America was published. It stated that universal face mask wearing was the single most effective way to slow the virus short of a safe and effective vaccine, which we know is a ways out. Recommendations for mask wearing or being ignored. Universal mask wearing needs to be required and not just recommended. It’s so simple. It’s so easy. It is so inexpensive and it is dramatically effective. There’s also been a study published by MIT showing that cities that had more robust response to pandemics also had faster and more robust economic recovery from pandemics as a medical professional and as a citizen of Phoenix. I am asking to please mandate mask wearing for the city of Phoenix. Thank you. Thank you, Sherry will be followed by my cockin. I find it offensive and disturbing that you’re going to plan just to mandate why not reach out to our communities and ask for cooperation step. Our health decisions are personal, they’re private and that’s why they are protected by HIPAA laws. Not everyone can wear masks you cannot know who it is without breaking HIPAA laws. You cannot make any blanket mandate. There guy Aygo, close down the bars and restaurants in March followed by more closures from the governor. So will you be delivering day 95 mass to every resident prior to the mandate going into effect you cannot expect people that you’ve put out of work to buy their own just for the mandate. Today, people are so scared that they’re outdoors doing solo activities and their way math is not healthy. They can’t possibly get dividers outside by themselves. And yet you want a mandate but this is what they do. In 95 mass are the most effective mass not every cloth was to protect you the viruses conflicting at best all the information out there who said master not necessarily Dr. couch said master or not necessarily Now Dr. Fat she says he lied. Not one model has been correct. So today there is no way with 100% certainty you can say Maria math isn’t the best option. Washing your hands and not being in each other’s faces are good guidelines. And that’s exactly what you should be doing today. I like not mandates. Who are you relying on for making these decisions? To the known liars like achieve where do you? Where does the mandate stop for what I wear? people wearing red hats upset people singing I will mandate no red hat. People are scared of Black Lives Matters t shirts. So now we’re going to mandate no black lives matter. No Black Lives Matter shirts. In the United States. That’s where we live. It’s protected by our Constitution, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That’s Freedom, freedom to make the decisions about our protection and those around us. I don’t want to mandate what you can wear any part of your life and I did not give up my constitutional rights when you were elected. I don’t give you permission to come into my home to tell me what I can when when you took your office you hold you swore to uphold the Constitution. I would like you to read the constitution the Bill of Rights before you make any decisions to mandate anything. Thank you very much. Mike will be followed by fasciae Popescu. Thank you. Good morning, mayor and council members, Mike Hopkins here with the Greater Phoenix chamber want to testify in support of the declaration before you this morning. I’d like to thank Council staff and Mayor staff for reaching out to me yesterday with some answers some questions on the social distancing and some of the out how that applies to outside workers. Obviously, a workers that are working in summer heat here in Phoenix need to have some sort of relief. So as long as their social distance we believe this will ordinates would not wear their mask when working outside. So I want to thank the marriage staff and Council staff and city staff for that feedback. I also want to appreciate my appreciation for the education first strategy. I think that’s highly important. as has been mentioned earlier on during the meeting, the you know that the police department is stretched thin. So I think the education for strategy is definitely the way to go for our residents and our businesses. And lastly, a mayor. I just want to say the last thing the business community wants to see is another shutdown scenario B, again, disastrous far for our economy that’s just trying to recover. Obviously, we’re not there yet, but we’re getting there. So we see this as a way to help spread help stop the spread of the virus to at least some extent. As you all know, a healthy Arizona equals a healthy bottom line. So thank you for your consideration. mayor and council members. Thank you Becky I will be followed by Steve Daniels. Hi, this is Dr. Saskia Popescu infection preventionist. And epidemiologist and I would like to wholly support the movement to require community based mask wearing. I work for a large healthcare system here in Phoenix and as a professor at the University of Arizona. I’m spending time listening to this I was extremely disheartened actually to hear the council member previously mentioned that we simply need to learn to live with this and it’s not going away conversations of herd immunity are dangerous and little to stress what needs to be done now. This is this is a public health crisis in the time for action is now Furthermore, pushing the narrative of a false dichotomy between public health and the economy is irresponsible and frankly ignorant. Working in the frontlines of healthcare and public health. We are stressed, frustrated, and there was a critical need for this measure. The exponential growth rate of cases and increasingly lacks attitude of community infection control measures since the stay at home orders expired has been deeply worrisome. Well Racine is directly related to premature and rapid reopening efforts. Now is the time to respond. I implore you to pass these measures and provide communication education for the community to ensure they are aware but also have the knowledge of proper mask usage to stay safe. This is also vital in the face of the presidential rally next week, which I worry will create new cases as hospital capacities are hitting 85% for a community master declaration will not only help bias time to respond, but also signal the importance of social responsibility and the seriousness of this pandemic and outbreak locally. hospitalizations are a lagging indicator. And once we have capacity, we can’t walk this back. Moreover, we are seeing surges and urgent care cases and clinics which means these are infectious people in the community who are we who we are dependent upon to isolate appropriately, mask usage can help address this growing incidence. So it is critical that we avoid this now as the trajectory of cases is pointing to this in the coming weeks as full hospital capacity is moving forward. Now is the time to enforce public health with your help and ensure we have helped to curb cases in the community as an epidemiologist infection prevention system in Phoenix residents knew to prioritize public. Thank you for your time. Thank you, doctor. We will next go to Steve followed by drew pool. He was a wholly inappropriate GAP DUE TO TECHNOLOGY COMPLICATION. On the principles of personal freedom, personal liberty, and taking responsible responsibility for yourself in your own safety, to try to mandate that everyone has to do this for the common good is literally a Marxist communist ideal, and I’m wholly against it. The only way that we’re going to keep our country is by demanding our freedoms and not allowing them to be infringed upon. Secondly, a lot of false information has been spread in regards to mandatory mask reading from the New England Journal of Medicine. This article was put out not 20 days ago. We know that wearing a mask outside healthcare facilities offers little if any protection from infection. Public health authorities define a significant exposure to COVID-19 as a face to face contact within six feet within a patient with symptomatic COVID-19 that is sustained for at least a few minutes in something more than 10 bucks. To even 30 minutes, the chance of catching COVID-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is therefore minimal. In many cases, the desire for widespread masking as a reflexive reaction tween xiety over the pandemic. This is nothing more than again, as I mentioned social control, trying to pit people against people, businesses against people to try to maintain a socialist communist style agenda. This is subscribing to a new world order type system. I for one will not I will not wear a mask to wear mask. I hope others do the same. Thank you. Drew Paul will be followed by Rob Fullmer. Folks, thanks for having me. So drew Poole, co founder from housebreak company and a born and raised native of Phoenix, I’m speaking for support of the mask mandate. We have personally been closed for the last three months since March 19. into the public and have transitioned our business to a full from a full in house taproom experience to only to go and deliveries. And while we have maintained our business being closed, we’ve seen others reopen and re close to new cases. I think now’s the time to set a broad mandate from the city to enforce mask wearing because there’s only so much we can do as our individual business owners. And we can’t force people ourselves to wear masks. We can turn them away from our business but with cases going up, now’s the time to set a mandate for everyone. Thank you. Thank you, Rob will be followed by Laura car. Thank you. Mayor councilmembers Thank you for listening to us today. I’m Rob around the executive director of craft brewers Guild. We represent 13 out of being threes about 16 x Metro. I listened to you guys today and I heard you struggle with all the problems and enforcement of fairness and balance in public health. I just want to tell you about us agrees along with restaurants have gone, undergone a myriad of distancing procedures, hygiene practices, service, cleanings, slps, PV, all kinds of changes and we furloughed our staff, we brought them back. We’ve on the fly changed our business models on a weekly basis moving forward to delivery and curbside. So to go business, as you heard your cool talk about we’re now able to open in very, very, very limited ways. Our breweries, and restaurants have done all of this and they continue to face the very same division on this issue that we see ourselves in The state mandated basketball servers and yet no one else for the state and the city’s ask business to do these things they ask our businesses to manage this crisis aren’t even we’ve been asked to please our own houses of hospitality and we got to see the same level of commitment responsibility outside of our businesses. If the state of the seas are unwilling to require that everyone do the same thing. We’re going to fool ourselves into thinking that we’re doing anything other than prolonging this crisis. The heart of our business is serving directly to customers and we want to continue to do that. And breweries and taverns are 60% of how we thrive and survive and employ folks. We can’t afford another shutdown without a comprehensive mandate that requires all of us to act responsible. We will once again ask our businesses and their employees to shoulder the burden of this impossible task. Our seas are today our businesses need to hear that city and county governments are taking uniform scan of attacks called price. Now that the state has managed cloth map servers host staff employees that interact with procedures and counties, clear and consistent manner. Other cities are waiting for you. Other cities have acted the Arizona craft brewers guild standard in support of this proposed requirement. Thank you. Thank you, Laura will be followed by Justin McKay. Thank you, Mayor and members of council for the opportunity to speak. My name is Roy carpenter and I’m a resident of District Four. As a pharmacist, and as a human being who cares for my fellow citizens. I strongly support this measure. The cost of covering your mouth and nose with a piece of cloth is nominal. The cost of not more than wearing a mask is very high to the public. Wearing a facial covering is a simple, inexpensive step that any individual troll including those who may not know they are infected can speak to To protect their fellow Arizona’s from COVID-19. I do have a question as a point of clarification, could you please clarify what is meant by when you leave their home when they leave their home. I live in a high rise condo, if a fellow resident or guests decides not to wear a face mask in the lobby or gym, they could be exposing me and my neighbors to COVID-19. And if I’m on an elevator and someone decides that they should not be forced to cover their mouth, nose and mouth, I have only two choices. First, I remain on the elevator and I’m trapped with that person and their potential germs or suck I leave the elevator but I have to pass very close with them with about two feet to get through the door. Studies have shown that 20 to 30% of the people over COVID positive are things to Madison. It’s unfair that someone could knowingly or unknowingly accept me because they do not wish to follow CBC candidates, please vote in favor this measure. Thank you. Thank you for that testimony. Justin will be next followed by Paul Baresi. Hi, I’m someone who supports masks and support people who wear them. I support businesses who want to require people to wear them. But I would oppose your order to wear masks for at least a couple of reasons. Last nightmare guy ego says he’s offended by street names so she’s going to work to change them. Well, I’m offended by masks. Does that mean I don’t have to wear them? No, it’s a lame reason to change street names and it’s the only reason not to wear masks. By that logic, I’m offended by the Holocaust. Therefore, we should steamroll the concentration camp memorials. It’s obviously fallacious logic, and it would never fly in any political atmosphere. Here. I want you to understand that you’re infringing on my Liberty interest, so you better be doing it for a good reason. And it doesn’t look like you Are there countless examples of the government flip flopping on masks? in February and April, everyone was saying don’t wear masks. Don’t you dare buy them, then oh, masks work, but we need them for health care workers than they don’t then they do. Then Fauci says it’s just a symbol. And so now when the government says I must wear a mask, you have to forgive me for questioning it. And then there’s a thing with the inmates being released to help stop the spread over the country, including Arizona masks apparently don’t work in jail, but I must wear one. I’m concerned about enforceability. How could you possibly enforce it? So your discussions you can’t and you’re revealing your complete weakness and inability to do anything meaningful other than change street names? What will you eventually do? And I repeatedly refused to comply? Throw me in jail while you let the criminals out? What about the peaceful protesters? Oh, no, it’s definitely not their fault. Who are you really going to enforce it All Blacks, poor, homeless, or regular people who are already struggling to recover from the first day of homework, and after you guys to find the police next year, who’s going to enforce it then a social worker and duration by what metrically determined that the master no longer necessary. Masks were not invented yesterday. They’ve been around a long time. And as such, there’s no excuse for the flip flopping that we see from the media and government. So I reject the proposed order. Thank you. Thank you, Paul will be followed by Sean Seta road. Yes, I’ve heard a lot about education today. I’m glad that that’s important to all of you. But this doesn’t sound like education. This sounds like coercion. When you use the police, there is force that’s coercion. Before the council makes a decision on this issue, I believe it’s entitled to all of the facts. Perhaps you should educate yourselves. I don’t know who it is that you’ve been listening to which questionable experts you’ve been speaking to. Or maybe you’ve just yielded to public hysteria. I’ve actually spoken to people who’ve been forced to wear these masks as part of their employment. And the consensus is that people are beginning to suffer terrible discomfort and severe health issues because the masks inhibit their ability to breathe. Last time I checked, it’s our right to breathe, especially in the service sector were many most performs but strenuous physical labor, you claim to be concerned with our health and well being? Well, the choice isn’t between something completely good, which is which you claim to the mask wearing and something totally bad, which is the COVID. The choice is actually between two terrible options. If it’s become the case, that you’ve decided to involve yourselves in our lives in such an intrusive manner, and this is very intrusive, then you need to choose the course of action that will lead to the least harm to the public. While COVID may be detrimental to a small percentage of the population, what you’re suggesting will affect virtually Every one and they get a negative way. I mean, I can’t believe we’re even having this discussion. you’re proposing a law, which will cause millions of people to have difficulty breathing in order to possibly keep a small fraction of that number from having difficulty breathing. And this doesn’t make sense. This is the wrong choice. The risks clearly outweigh the benefits that you do nothing in this kind of harm. Carry out around this virus and rational thinking needs to return to the public square sent you. On will be followed by Troy Bechtel. We have 10 acres. Carmen, thanks, Mayor and members of council just want to say that I fully support making face coverings mandatory and public spaces. I believe that most sensible clinicians will agree on this point. This is one issue that their guy ago has shown leadership on thank her for that. At this point due to the complete absence of leadership at the state level, we have to begin try and make up for lost time and flamming what it no longer occur, but a straight up like, if there is any real point of contention here today It should not be should we or shouldn’t wait, but it’s how to do it. I would ask here that the city lead with education, investment and empowerment. It’s the nation’s know what the requirement is, why it is important and have the opportunity to comply. I believe we will see high rates compliance. What we should not do is ask the police to be involved in enforcement in any way. If the police are asked to enforce this, we are setting ourselves up to replace one harm to the community with another. Not to mention that we have already been in the mindset of reducing the police footprint, not expanding it. We don’t need to add anything else to what they’re what we expected them what their expectations are. I understand the intent But I’m going this citation route. And Mayor guy ago earlier stated that there would be no criminalization. But again, what happens when they run? Run the record? What happens? If somebody refuses to be tickets? What ticket what happens then we’re creating a situation in which the potential for police to escalate still exists. If we know that majority will comply through other methods, why should we involve the police at all? Particularly cheapo intervention earlier today that she did not have for police department enforcing the stay at home order? She did, though she did. She shut down protests. For that reason she arrested people for that reason. So I just don’t think that we can trust her word that she’s not going to have her department arrest people using them. Thank you. Troy will be followed by Joanne Lyles. Thank you for hearing my voice. just purely from a numbers point of view, I must my math is wrong. For the amount of deaths to date in Arizona point 01 9% of the population are have resulted in deaths. And at the New England Journal of Medicine, who is out as far as I know, one of the leading medical references in the United States says that masks in public don’t work, then I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just let that go and not require us to wear masks. I mean, if you look at everything that’s happened, we’ve been really good with the stay at home order. You know, that’s borderline by violation of the Constitution for my freedoms. But we did it. We saw the greater good and we did it. But now you’re asking us to do it again. And I don’t think that’s enough. I don’t under Stand, how you can think that requiring us to wear masks when there’s some say yes, some say no no definitive answers that it actually works is a good idea. My wife is very high risk. And she’s chosen not to wear the mask and she’s fine with me not wearing masks. It’s a personal decision. And I know it affects other people. But it’s not your place as government to tell me what to do when only point 01 9% of the population has died from this in Arizona. And this is supposed to be the next plague. Thank you. Thank you, Joanne will be followed by Brian Mori. Good afternoon. My name is can you hear me? Oh, can you hear me, Joanne? Okay, thanks. Followed by. It appears we do not have Joanne with us. So we will go to Brian Mori next. Good afternoon. Can you hear me? Her Good morning. Hello. Hello. Hi, my name is Brian Mori. I’m a phoenix native. I’m a business professional. I’ve worked in our schools, our courts, our hotels, our doctors offices, as well as education and news media. I am bilingual I have also taught and spoken highly of Phoenix throughout my life around the world. I’d like to begin with a quote, no passion so robs the mind of all its power of reason and persuasion as does fear that comes from Edmund Burke, one of the framers of the Constitution. I (re-read)  our constitution last night, ladies and gentlemen of my hometown Council, never in my life did I ever think I would be addressing you on such an invasion of personal rights. The numbers are not what they are Councilman Warrring. Have you ever played the game of telephone with adults? I have. I also worked in news media, you people have not seen the virus with your own eyes. Therefore you cannot say it is a fact. A lot of these individuals are addressing these points. I’m going to move on. I would like to first thank chief Williams Ma’am, I heard every word you said. I’ve heard every word that all of you have said. Please remind your officers no matter what the council decides, please in the same spirit that you corrected the council that failing to stop for a stop sign is not the same thing as not wearing a mask, Please remind your officers what they already know: a gun will certainly take a life and a mask will not certainly save a life.  Masks inhibit first amendment (rights) (masks) inhibit (breathing). Councilman DiCicico, I’m going to pick the ball up where you left it. Sir, I don’t agree with everything that (I have heard) you say over the course of my life, but you hit the nail on the head here. Every dictatorship in the history of man has been taken under emergency orders (line-item) getting rid of personal freedoms. The will of the individuals of this city is known. Do not infringe upon my rights. I will protect them. People who moved here from other places who are used to this type of infringement, they can move back. I’m a Realtor. I’ll get them a good deal on their house. God save Phoenix and Arizona Gerald Weaver’s followed by Gus cha. Gerald, can you hear us? Okay. Gerald, the floor is yours. Man, we do not appear to have audio for Gerald Thank you. We will go to Gus cha followed by Nicole Garcia. Hello, can you hear me? Yes, we can. All right. Thank you. Good morning councilmembers My name is Gus and I’ve been teaching in the valley with my wife for over seven years now. Masks are a medical precaution. You all are not doctors. You’re not my doctor. You’re not my family’s doctor. And I do not recognize your authority to mandate a treatment for the general public of Phoenix. This is an overstep of your authority in the name of a declaration of emergency, which is a loophole that is being abused in order to infringe on our ability to make medical decisions for our own families. The CDC, the World Health Organization, multiple journals of medical research, have been discredited as a result of fat fabricated stories, flip flopping and contradiction. I have been paying extremely close attention to this entire situation. And I can list don’t have the time here. All of the misdirection and panic frenzy that’s being created by the media and government officials to infringe on our liberties here in Arizona, which is one of the freest states in the union. It is extremely hypocritical that a lot of people on this council would use the argument for abortion, that it’s my body, my choice. Well, here’s the deal. This is my nose and my mouth. This is God’s air. Who do you think you are? My body my choice is is a good enough argument for you not to interfere in 12,000 abortions a year and gay marriage in this city. But it is not good enough for me to refuse to wear a mask. It is absolutely upside down world. And this is the judgment of God on our country. I implore all of you to respect the jurisdiction of your authority given to you by God in Jesus Christ, because you all are moving us towards a totalitarian state. And we will protect our rights. You are poking a sleeping giant by infringing more and more step by step incrementally. And I implore you to stop what you’re doing. recognize your authority, and repent and bend the knee to Black Lives Matters. But Jesus Christ who was looking for all they pulled up, followed by Nicholas Johnson. Can you hear me? Yes, we can. Okay, well, amen to that last gentleman. I completely agree. I’m adamantly opposed to forcing residents to wear masks. In order to buy yourself, authoritarianism has no place in the land of the free. There’s a constitutional argument against this mask wearing mandate, apart from the fact that restrict restricts oxygen flow and makes it hard to breathe. It violates our personal liberties that are laid out in the Bill of Rights. You took an oath to uphold the Constitution when you were sworn into office, it is deeply irresponsible for you not to uphold it back off with the government interference. Also, if you are concerned with the spread, why were you silent when the writers came out in mass droves who are actually doing illegal things? Additionally, you have cherry picked your experts sources. There are four and a half million people in Maricopa County and 600 deaths you do the math, the fear mongering you project on on your constituents does not make us think you care. You simply do not trust us to decide what is best for us. I will not be wearing a mask because I’m not sick, forcing a healthy person to restrict their oxygen levels and deterring fresh air Getting into their lungs is the dumbest thing I’ve heard since defund the police. It is blatantly obvious. You want to control people, whether it’s through until there’s a vaccine or a decrease in cases. What’s the plan here is mandating vaccines Next, you have already destroyed our economy. And now you’re pushing this anti freedom policy. you cite peer pressure. Well, we will not be shamed for practicing our expansive freedoms, you are causing more division in a time of chaos, and that is not good leadership. Benjamin Franklin said, Those who will give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither Liberty nor safety. We know the recovery rates, and we will continue to get guidance from our own physicians, not our government. So I leave with this. My body my choice. Don’t tread on me. Nicholas will be followed by Anthony dunnigan. Hi, can you hear me Yes, we can. Okay. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to speak today. I just want to address some of the comments that are being made here. First of all, I rise in support of masking policy in Arizona. As somebody who has lived in the valley their entire life, I would just like to say how incredibly disappointing it is that so many people have such a large issue with something so small, and it’s become so political. wearing a mask isn’t a political choice. It’s a public health choice. And the fact that people are trying to make this a wedge issue between the left and the right is just continuously mystifying to me. A lot of science denial is happening. If you do simple Google searches online, the science is freely available to everybody. I can understand sometimes it can be confusing, but the message is clear. Now from the top on down, masking does save lives. masking does slow to spread. And I think that it’s incredibly important that us as Arizona ins together support each other in this, rather than trying to make this a political issue. But for people who don’t believe in science, I highly suggest that we take a lesson from history. In 1919, the Spanish Flu created a massive epidemic across the entire United States. And a great example of masking policy working is in San Francisco, where in 1919 1920, they implemented a masking policy to slow what was in an exponential spread of a deadly virus. The spread didn’t slow until people started screaming about their individual liberties and made it a political issue and they rescinded the mass border 20,000 people ended up dying after that. So I encourage anybody who is confused on this issue, to become a student of history to review the historical examples of pandemics and how we in those cases failed to protect each other and failed to help each other when all we need to do right Now is very, very, very small and very easy to wear. Small intervention of a mask. Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it. Thank you, Anthony will be followed by Harvey Schulman. Hi, good morning, Madam Mayor councilmembers thank you for allowing me to speak. And Anthony dunnigan. I’m a internal medicine physician. I was one of the 3000 plus physicians that recently signed a letter to the governor that caused some action that I believe is one of the reasons why I speak about this today. I’m a resident of Arcadia area of Phoenix, aka the hot zone. The father of two wily teams, and I’m a statistical nerd. And I want to give you a perspective on that last point. What I believe this mandate will do and I’m very much in support of it. Anecdotally, looking around and looks like about 50 to 60% of folks are wearing masks that I see at the store. About I believe it’s gonna take the mandate to get us up at 85% range obviously, not everyone’s gonna wear a mask. I heard some folks today, they’re gonna wear a mask. God girl for leaving a school 56 60% 85% will absolutely save lives. These searches evolving. There’s a study that just came out of Texas a&m, looking at cases in Italy in New York, we estimate the wear that mask is the number of infections by 78,000 yearly and 660 6000 up work. I’m happy to provide that reference. why that is. There’s YouTube videos if you see what happens when two people talking and the little steps that happen between people you can’t see the microscopic detail your face covering prevents that substantially. which is which is why we get those reductions in the transmission rate. We’ll be able to look about six months Had to compare ourselves to cities and states that did not mandate Nazis. And with a very high degree of competence typically we’ll be able to say you said ex wives in ex wives our loved ones are coworkers and our fellow citizens. Thank you for supporting me and dating. Thank you. Before we go to Harvey for our staff, I believe we have Harvey and Jane Hendricks are our final two speakers. Man this is Clint. Wonderful. So Harvey, the floor is yours and you will be followed by Jane. Thank you. I support your mass proposal is since I last address you on April 2. The city continues to endanger the health of residents and its own employees. On April 2, I asked you why is planning and development forcing residents to come to the zoning counter in person to file Pay for copies of submissions for Board of adjustment public hearings, especially now that we have virtual hearings. Why does PDD require residents who wants to testify to register six business hours in advance, essentially the prior day when you require only one hour? Most important how can PDD even impose these procedures when state law says the board has exclusive legal authority to adopt its own rules? I’m in a high risk group. But since your March closure, I’ve been forced to come to city hall to file documents at least three times and every time 75% of dozens of city employees and visitors I saw were not wearing masks, even visitors coughing or sneezing. out one city employees said she’s trying to borrow masks from healthcare workers. Now you want to require us to wear masks in public The protection is overdue. But how about practicing what you preach? How about requiring predate PDD to Stop the nonsense of making a show up in person to file documents, or stop denying our rights to testify at public hearings, or changing the commitments they made to the neighborhoods do things differently? The PDD people are good people, but their actions are wrong. Or maybe you don’t want to care about these details that we can provide, in any event, require masks, but please clean up your own act at City Hall if you plan to require the public and employees of businesses to wear masks. Thank you. Man. This is a we will be in touch with Mr. Sherman and make sure we fully understand and also have connected to all the different possibilities of how to work with us online. And if we have some gaps we will address those. Thank you. So much. Dr. Jane Hendricks is our final speaker. Thank you very much for allowing me to, oh, I’m going to speak to the council. And I would just like to see how we have a healthy individuals who come to see me as patients who are now suffering from chronic ear infections, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, and exhaustion. After working an eight hour day, I realized that your role is not over the private sector. I just wanted to speak on behalf of formerly healthy patients that are now suffering from some chronic illnesses. I’ve come to see me and other medical practitioners in the field. And I do believe that national board indoors in crowded places by all those who are immunocompromised over the age of 65, and have comorbidities that increase the risk for the severe complications of stroke etc, from COVID-19 However, the individual who is healthy and taking care of themselves, going to the gym, wanting to do yoga, taking walks outside, should not suffer and have their own bodies at risk of developing some of these illnesses, then they’re now having to go to Walgreens go to their doctors, and get medications for I think that that is a very sad consequence of enforcing these masks. Just watching this meeting on my computer, I saw every one of you touch your mouse several times with your fingers. As far as education, I think it’s imperative that if you’re going to go through with this mandate, that somehow you need to enforce people not to touch their mass. I live in Arcadia and a hotspot. I go to one restaurants that has not mandated their employees to wear mass. Most patients do not and there has been no illnesses they remain open. For Chelsea kitchen those places they close down also Temperature checks mandated employees to wear mass. They had infections and closed and then reopened with the mandate ship. To the immunologist that said there is no burden unity. We’re talking right now. Time centuries on the plagues and the Thank you. The city received 374 comments online in support of that policy 192 and opposition 34. About the policy that was not a position and nine that were neutral for a total of 609. We’ll turn to the vice mayor for a motion. Yes, Mayor, I want to move and make a motion to approve staff recommendations on this ordinance to comply with with with the masks. Thank you, Vice Mayor. Do we have a steady order? This is Council. Councilman. Yes. Thank you. Just a quick question, ed. Yes. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Yes. So we will be leading by education. While we were meeting the city of Gilbert voted. The city of Gilbert has implemented a policy and they will also be leading with education delivered by their police departments. Many other cities have have already moved forward. I had mentioned Scottsdale but that is certainly not an exhaustive list. Our neighbors from Tempe to Avondale have been as well, Councilman Nowakowski. Thank you, Mayor. Mayor, so talking about the education component of it. I haven’t heard of the plan yet. I know that we have the city service bill that we can actually put information in on that. A lot of people think it’s like the water bill, but it’s really the city service bill. We heard billboards, we heard maybe even doing like a robo call to all of our residents in the city of Phoenix, maybe looking at PSAPs that we can run through different media, using our city employees that are basically at home right now. Maybe we can actually have them make some phone calls, especially to the areas where we have a large amount of people like at senior centers and other facilities like that. Maybe we can even use some of our city staff that’s helping out with the census. How can we use their expertise in marketing and branding that we can actually educate people and then the other thing is I’m 100% behind it and I agree that we, we should be wearing masks. The only concern I have is I continue to hear individuals saying that the response times from police officers are long winded when their houses are being broken into or they happen to have a car that was broken into that it takes a couple hours, it takes up to five hours. And basically we do some research on it. It’s not really a top priority call. There’s not a person that feels that they’re in danger. So saying all that, is there any way to use a different or outsource the education component or not using police officers because I’ve heard from different colleagues and even from some of our callers, that when you use police officers that can be intimidating. And then police officers. If they ever ran a background check on people Because of this mess, that if they have a warrant or some kind of outstanding warrant for their arrest that they can actually be picked up, and I would hate to see something so simple like this turn into something more complicated for individuals. And then when you have police officers, even when a police officers driving behind myself, and I’m going 40 miles per hour and the speed limits 40 miles per hour, I still start to sweat a little and kind of get nervous. So I’m just wondering if there’s any other How can we use some other entity, if it’s outsourcing something or using a different department, within the city of Phoenix to basically educate people for the next 30 days, and that using the enforcement of the police officers, that was just something I want to throw out there. Thank you. Thank you, Councilman Nowakowski I think account when were you looking for a response from our staff? Tom? Yes, please bear occasional part. And also if there’s some other way to outsource or use maybe our COVID monies, to outsource or use some other department for the education portion for the next 30 days or so, saying that we’re going to be educating people for at least 30 days right. Now, Councilman Nowakowski. Thank you for the suggestions on education. I took down notes on that for the city service bill. How if we have access to P essays on billboards, and city employees, for example, our city employees who work with seniors high end with headstart, they all call their families or their seniors at least once a week if not more, and so we will add that to List of check ins they have to make sure that our clients as they’re calling them know about them asking order if passed by the Council. We can also include this in our census salary. So thank you for those suggestions. The issue of outsourcing enforcement is when we are not allowed to outsource enforcement of city ordinances, unless specifically authorized, in which the council did in the charter, for example, with public transit, but we’re not authorized to outsource the enforcement of those outside the city. We can use other city employees for education and the flyers that the chief is talking about, we can make those available to our other employees who are out and about in the community if they see that. And so we will incorporate those suggestions as we’re able to at Mayor have a follow up question, please. So, Chad, I was just thinking that we have Phoenix cares where individuals see homeless out in our community that need help. And it’s such a great program because it actually brings resources and helps those individuals out. Instead of calling the police department, if somebody has somebody running around or a group of people without mask, I would hate to have our 911 or even our, our police hotline being filled with just people calling our even our council members. I know that we’re going to be getting calls saying, well, there’s been a group of kids run around the neighborhood without mass. What are you guys gonna do about it? How can we use some type of maybe city staff or some type of outside source to educate, not to force, but I think I think we were hearing that the first the first component of the education so I’m not sure if it’s going to be the For 10 days, 30 days are what it is. But again, please join me and our our offices also right? Yes, thank you counsel. So in terms of fees, cares, that’s a, that’s a good suggestion, we will make sure that our Phoenix cares contractors have masks and flyers with them. So as they do encounter, those who are called because they’re experiencing homelessness or a behavioral or mental health issues, which is where our Phoenix cares staff gets called. They have the tools and are equipped to be able to help them with that, to these fliers we can distribute to our employees who are out there. We can also use our Phoenix 311 center if people have concerns they can call there and we can also address it through those civilians. I think he was a good point here. A bigger point that I’ve heard, and that is that our police officers are not Going to be focused on enforcing this order. They have many, many, many other things to do. And one of the best things, as the chief and I have been discussing, one of the best things that people can do who support police and firefighters and first responders is to wear a mask, so that our police and fire fighters are protected, and not brought into a situation. So part of I think supporting our city employees and supporting our police department would be for people to work with us protection for the benefit of those folks as well. But we will take these suggestions in terms of education and outreach. We work with our Phoenix care staff, our city employees who contact our residents, and get this out in as many channels as possible, because that’s really, Councilman Nowakowski. What I hear you pushing for is this communication needs to be multiple channels, not just depending on police for communication, and we agree with you completely on that. Chimera. One last comment. Please Thank you. And I think that I like to educate the public that they won’t be calling the police officers of these happen to see a young person walking down the street. But maybe there’s some other type of number that we can call where we can actually maybe educate people on it. Or people be calling our offices saying, hey, what can you do? So I just want to make sure that I understand that but I think we need to educate the public. And the other thing is, on Laura’s, how she displayed the different masks or different methods of I think that was a good idea. How can we create sort of a PSE, doing something like that, because I think a lot of people until they actually view it or see it, they can understand it, because we can talk until we’re blue in the face got massive, but I think that that demonstrated really well and I think we should use, you know her idea and make that into a PSA and then maybe we can use our commander Steven To be one of the people that put on the mask will either take a clip of the council meeting with counsel and pass towards demonstration or will create something else, but it was a very good demonstration. So we also since channel 11, we will work with them on a PSA, because showing those quick and easy ways to do that are very good. And just for the record, Mr. Marcos is here and he is wearing a mask. Thank you, Calvin no koski and some really good ideas about how we can promote this. I would certainly be willing to contact our billboard companies and ask them if they would be willing to help us and to the extent we have availability of the mobile street department signs, I think that might also be a good opportunity. Councilman disease you Thank you, Marin. I’ll be really quick. I’m gonna apologize to counsel and passed or she feels that we’ve said or did something that was just respectful to her. That was, we had over 18,500,000 interactions on social media these last few days. And I think over 63,000 comments, and I tried looking as best I could to find that. And if you can help me narrow it down to where we’ve mentioned you, I’d appreciate that, because I just like to see it. But I tried to take a look at this as we’re doing some of this trying to do some multitasking. And like I said, we’ve had, you know, multi millions of contacts, and I just can’t see it anywhere. So if you want to just private message me later, if you want to do that, I want to bring it up with the council meeting and stuff, but I cannot find that. That you’re referring to. Thank you, Mayor, Councilman disneysea. Mayor, it was taken. It was taken down. Okay, we’ll give you more details as to when and all that he I’d like to take a look. Literally, like I said, we had 80,500,000 interactions in the last, I think four days. So imagine something could have happened in that. But if you could just let me know more, you don’t mind. Thank you. Thank you, Councilman. I have briefly last video. So if anyone wanted to speak, if you could say verbally, here, I’d like to speak by hand. This gentleman wearing that suit. I appreciate it. So I respect all you guys and I am not in any way criticizing the thoughts behind this. I guess I’ll just put it that way. I understand the numbers. I understand it’s going up. I’m not claiming to understand it as well. As a scientist. I’m not claiming I’m a doctor or anything. I am not saying masks work or don’t work. I made the personal choice to wear it. You know others clearly make other choices. Frankly, I, I try to limit my contact to people who aren’t wearing masks. It’s just, that’s my personal view. I’m not anti science. And I’m not politicizing the issue. One person said that, but I don’t know if they were directing at me, but I hope you guys know me well enough to know, I’m not trying to do that this is too serious. It’s not something to be messing around with. But I am very realistic and always tried to have, you know, my government offices be realistic about government can and can’t do. And so those would just count, for example, government expansion. A couple years ago, this council and everybody who’s on the council now who was on the council then voted for this except for me. We criminalized feeding pigeons, you could theoretically go to jail for feeding pigs to a point, that’s probably not gonna happen. But the fact that that was even in play, that’s just concerning. That just shows how this can go. So actually, there’s a bigger penalty for potentially feed potentially for feeding prison pigeons then for not wearing a mask. I understood the intent then there were a few houses where this is a problem. But again, is that is that something we should really be weighing into with our police? I understand this is not criminalizing this activity. But it still gives one I hope, pause for thought. I don’t we were realistic three days ago with the bus situation. I voted for him. I thought that was realistic. That’s something we control. And I thought was realistic. And having staffers wear masks. That’s something we control. That’s something that we have the wherewithal to work on, at least, the buses were police on every bus but it’s a more manageable it’s more manageable group of people. It’s not 1.7 million or more plus all the people coming to the airport and so forth. Michael note housekeys point about stretching police. Dan was a well stated obviously I’ve heard as I mentioned from a police group saying we’re stretching police kind of thin as it is. So now we’re really expanding the police footprint which I’m not always in And this, this is fairly expansion. So to my mind, and appropriately, they do a great job. But again, if we’re going to criminalize feeding pigeons that kind of puts a lot of stuff in play makes me a little nervous. Obviously, there’s no end in sight to this. So who knows how long we demand any masks? It does put police in more contact with residents. You know, it’s just and it’s very open ended. I think stores can already band people apart from us and what we’re doing today for not wearing masks. And this isn’t really changing that I understood. I think he was a doctor and I apologize, I can’t remember his name. But the fellow who talked about trying to raise the levels of compliance to wearing masks if you consider that compliance, so he was saying I think it’s 70%. Now it was kind of his ballpark. I would say it’s a little higher when when I go out, like I said, the grocery store or wherever, that’s limited, but I’d say at least in the northern part of the city with which I’m more familiar I’d say that’s fair. I don’t know how much higher that’s going to go with this. I thought the point was well taken, again by Michael Murkowski about the it’s great that Laura is so adapted at changing clothing and other things into masks. But that doesn’t mean everybody knows how to do that. So So having people out there who can help with that, you know, my flight increase as much as anything, people worry that I ask people who can’t afford a mass amount like okay, I don’t have to buy a mask I can do this us buying mask for people would probably do as much as my guess. And that may sound strange coming from me, I did the DIY builds in our state when I was in the legislature, or at least the harsher DUI bills, and I raised the penalties, right. financial penalties were pretty extreme. And that worked. People modified their behavior and fatalities and injury exit plummeted. But this is a different kind of issue. This is people living their lives, not engaging in criminal behavior, and I gotta go not criminalize it but The cheese answer about are they going to be looking at warrants for that? I don’t know that I ever really got completely clear answer. And again, I’m not averse to looking at warrants. But you know, I just at some point, this is now giving police another reason to contact you, when we’re struggling a little bit with the context we’re already having. We’re sure about 1,000,001.2 million contracts by our police department on the front line per year. So it’s not that I’m against the intent of this or anything that any educated person has said. On either side, but but for the scientists and doctors testified, I understand what you’re saying. I just at some point, our powers are more limited. And I think people realize people are not going to just start wearing masks because we’ve mandated tomorrow. They’re not here what we did. They’re gonna be confused by what we did. They’re not gonna know how to make their own masks, etc. And now we potentially are gonna have officers, Patrick, we can say our officers are doing other things. They’re gonna be busy with other things. They’re not going to bothering those people, then why are we including them in the policy? I, that just that doesn’t make tons of sense to me if we’re not going to be keeping records of who’s not complying. So if we contact them again, or if we’re trying to do that a little bit by haphazard fashion, or etc, I don’t understand why that would be included. Then. When when a couple days ago, we didn’t go that route. And so I just want to make some of those points to final point, and perhaps the most important, Michael Nowakowski do not encourage the party hosts if you can, because it just leads to disaster. So don’t put in my public service announcement and good lord. Thank you. I appreciate it. For Steve, any additional council member comments before we vote Roll Call. No question. Please do one thing that’s a fact is that we’re not only leading the United States, we’re leading the nation right now and infection rates. I think we as a city need to this seriously, I think in the absence of having a public health department, which I think is something we really need to look at Maricopa County we have one in Maricopa County sorry, Scott, who is that? He means that the Councilwoman Stark a we do have a pelvic health facility in Maricopa County. Thank you. I understand that Councilwoman but we do not have public health experts within our city staff. We do not have a public health department within the city of Phoenix and I think being the fifth largest city in the country. That is not okay. I would love to be able to have public health experts at our disposal to create these PSAPs to be able to come up with a strategy of how we implement this mass wherein I would love to have that our disposal and I think it’s actually urgent that our city think about making that happen in that absence. I think my concerns are with the police department now having no enforce this. I am going to take choose words today. And just reminding folks of what criminalization actually means and I think, Mayor, I hope you understand the expansion of criminalization and that contact with police means criminalization and leads to criminalization. We’ve literally been talking about a case and recently That happened three years ago of a man who simply had their dog in one of our community summer centers and was attempting to use the restroom. That man ended up dying at the hands of our officers. Because of a police called him having a small dog in the community center. I really do hope that we lead education first, I really hope and thank you for bringing that up, that we can provide as much mass as possible that we work with partners to make sure that masks are available. Family myself, anytime we leave our home, we are already masking up. And so to the officers that will be enforcing this, please see this as a public health role, not your usual role. And I hope that chief can can can get that out to every officer and to everyone watching. Please wear your mask not just for yourself but for others. And so I’m with you all, let’s do PSAPs. Let’s do what we can to save lives and mask up. And final thought to the police department, if we could please get reports daily or whenever we meet, to make sure that we understand how it’s going out there, how people are responding, and to make sure that we’re not unnecessarily criminalizing or putting people in more risk by enforcing this. With all that I vote yes. passkey Bear like to explain my vote, I’ll be voting yes on this. But with the understanding that we’re not going to be using the 911 or non emergency phone number to to have people complain about individuals in their neighborhoods in the stores and this and that, not running around without masks. I think that we need to figure out some other way of educating people and in Forming people. So I’m very comfortable with with the city manager was saying that we would try to outreach with using billboards PSAPs and maybe even using one of our commanders as a model. And with that I feel comfortable about voting. Yes. I just want to clarify we actually we we are not in any way encouraging the nine, the 911 number to be used at all this is not a 911 call. We do however, use the crime stop as one of the contact points 262361512. The council counselors point 911 is not an appropriate call for this type of issue. Thank you, Pastor. Yes. Yes. Wearing no Yes, but I would have the chief to put that flyer out on next door that conducts a lot of neighborhoods. Great idea. Yes. Mayor, I would explain my vote. Please do. So I am going to be voting yes for this, but I think I am. But I just want to make sure that we’re all very clear that we need to do this for our essential workers, for our children. For our vulnerable population. The numbers keep going up every single day. I think that the education piece is going to be incredibly important. I’ve seen other states that are doing this, and I think that we’re moving in the right direction, and hoping with all the psats and everything that we’re going to do, we’ll get the word out. People will start worrying learning the mask. think that it’s going to take a village. It’s going to take all of Phoenix working together to be able to pull them in this curve. And I am. I am very happy to be part of this team and I am going to be voting yes. Thank you, Mayor. Thank you. We are in the midst of a pandemic. Phoenix and Arizona are seeing a rapid increase in cases of COVID-19. Public health professionals tell us that there are steps we can take to slow the spread and that facial coverings are an incredibly important tool. With today’s vote. The Phoenix city council is moving forward to protect our community. This is an important tool and we look forward to working with other Arizona cities to slow the spread. I vote aye. Motion passes seven to two. By a seven to two vote the Phoenix city council has implemented a policy requiring facial coverings in public to slow the spread of COVID-19 This meeting is adjourned to recording DIGITAL MEETING CLOSED TO PUBLIC OBSERVATION.